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As If Love Were Enough

As If Love Were Enough is a novel about the intense bond between two very different sisters who lose each other for a long post-childhood period then come back together under odd and arresting circumstances. The author tackles some big themes--organ transplants, infidelity, divorce, God--but it is the small moments, the spats and furtive phone calls, that give the book its heart and core.

Marriage: A Duet

Marriage: A Duet is a pair of novellas about infidelity, bringing into sharp focus the complications and consequences created by spouses who--despite their genuine bonds of love--are unfaithful. Sad, searing and funny, they detail the efforts of two couples who choose to stay together in the aftermath of adultery.

Motherhood Deferred

Motherhood Deferred is a gutsy exploration of the generation of women who came of age during the women's movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, coupled with the author's very personal story of her later-in-life attempts to have a baby. As she cheekily observes, Fleming was "infertile" before it was trendy. This is her chronicle of all the psychologically and physically invasive procedures she undertook to get pregnant coupled with a memoir of the heady days when she and her friends, freed from the old gender expectations, set out to conquer the world.